Isa celebrates the awesome accomplishments of Senator Lillian Dyck, a neuroscientist, and we learn how to make glue out of milk!

ISA: You know, sometimes when people grow old they develop a disease called Alzheimer’s. It robs you of your memories and sometimes they don’t even recognize their own families. One Indigenous scientist, Dr. Lillian Dick, has worked most of her life developing treatments for Alzheimer’s and other brain and nerve diseases. This cool lady was born in 1945 into the Gordon Cree First Nations in Saskatchewan. She got a university degree in biochemistry and at 22 she became an assistant in the biochemistry department at the University of Saskatchewan. She was interested in neuro chemistry that looks at how different chemicals affect the brain. Since Alzheimer’s is a disorder of the nervous system, she investigated if any neuro chemicals can improve the lives of those with Alzheimer’s. That is the great thing about science. You can help people and animals and the earth. Dr. Lillian Dick is amazing. She received a special citation from the Canadian House of Commons for being such a good role model for women and girls in science and she has many special awards. In 2005 she was appointed to the Canadian senate so now she is senator Lillian Dick. Way to go doctor!