Science of Music

Rock out with us as we make some noise and learn about the scientific wonders of music with musicians Gregory Coyes and Sheryl Sewepagaham.

GREG: Today is about the science of music. Sherryl one of the things I really love about music, even at my age, I’m still learning. So music’s one of the beautiful things that you never quit learning.

SHERRYL SEWEPAGAHAM: What I love about music is um how the voice and rhythm, how they blend and flow together. Well everyone has a traditional hand drum and this is a great opportunity to talk about vibration in sound. Every time when we make a sound on the drum, it creates sound waves. You don’t see it, but we feel it. I’m gonna ask everybody to hold up your drum like a table top ‘cause I’m gonna come around and give you some rice.

SHERRYL: This is a good way to actually see the vibration as it affects the rice.