Science of Art

Celebrated artists Sonny Assu and Dionne Paul make art and show us how fascinating the world of colours and design can be.

Hi my name’s Dionne Paul and I’m from the Sechelt Nation and the Nuxalk Nation and I’m an artist. Welcome to my studio. Finished my Masters degree. I weave red cedar, yellow cedar, and wool and I spin, I buy, and I’ve woven multiple pieces, traditional to contemporary. I’m a painter, I also do sculpture, regalia making, beading, moccasin making, drum making, I do um some glass work, some stained glass work and drawing.

As an Indigenous artist, I’m also a scientist. I work with the seasons and with mother nature gathering materials that I can process to create art pieces like this drum or my regalia or weaving, gathering pigments from the earth, gathering cedar from the trees, so as an First Nations person, understanding science is a really important part of my practice.