Sally the Salmon

Animator: Amanda Strong
Sally the Salmon loves music and loves it LOUD! Sometimes it’s so loud she misses out on what’s going on around her!

WOMAN: Sally was a salmon who loved music. She liked to play her music loudly so nothing could distract her from her favorite songs. You sense that brothers and sisters? It’s time to spawn. Spawn! Spawn! Sally didn’t notice that the other fish were gone until it was too late. Bam bam baah. Hello? Sally searched high and low for the other salmon, but they were gone. Sally thought she could smell something. She sniffed the air and she could hear something. So she took off her headphones and listened, smelled, and sensed. Sally followed the sound of drums and it got louder and louder! Soon she came upon a familiar sight! She could see the other fish! Sally was so happy to have found her family. These days, Sally still loves music, only now she plays it a little quieter.