Rubik’s Cube Fun

It may seem impossible to solve these puzzle cubes, but Kai shows us how learning an algorithm, or pattern, is the trick to figuring it out. Some people solve them in seconds!

KAI: I like to make things and learn about things in my own way. I’m Kai and I’m a hacker.

KAI: This is a Rubik’s cube. Did you know that there are something like 43 quintillion ways to arrange the faces of the common Rubik’s cube? That’s 43 followed by 18 zeroes. If you made one move a second and there are 31 and a half million seconds in a year, it would take you nearly 1.4 quadrillion years to go through every possibility. Or about 100 times longer than our universe has existed. That’s a lot of time to spend just doing one thing, but I can solve it in about 30 seconds and people who are really good can do it in seconds and a robot has done it in just less than 2 seconds. How is that possible? Because there are so many different possibilities, you have to use different algorithms to solve the cube. An algorithm is a method or pattern that gives you a consistent result, kinda like a recipe. This 2 by 2 is perfect to start with. You start by getting all four white faces on top with the colours in pairs on the row beneath. I’m using this algorithm and then this one. And then this one. And there you have it. If you are serious about solving Rubik’s cubes, there are lots of how to videos online so you can actually solve the puzzle. It just takes patience and practice. Now, you think you’re ready for this monster?