Kokum and the Spider

Animator: Amanda Strong
Kokum is cooking some stew but it needs a little something. She’s too old to travel over the mountains to trade for seaweed, so Spider shows her a special place to find salt!

There was an old kokum who was cooking some stew when she discovered eh, it’s missing something? Num, num, ah, hmm but what?

And then a big old spider sat down beside her and said what about some wild garlic and wild onion? It was better, but not quite there.

So the spider sent a message. Huh? Salt?

I don’t have any and I’m too old to go over the mountains to trade with the west coast people for some seaweed. Ah. And there’s no store around here for miles. Eh.

Follow me said the spider. Just follow me. Here you go kokum.

Old salt deposits from an ancient sea. Oh yeah, as water evaporates from the surface, the salt deposits are left behind.

Huh, and look, you can even see many of your spider relatives living right there in salt.

Oh yeah, (laughter) oh yes good salt, mmmhmm.