Kisik Finds Colour

Animator: Rhidian Gatrill
Kisik is an artist in a world of only black and white. One day she finds her way into a beautiful world of colour! Can she bring that colour back into her world?

NARRATOR: This is a story about Kisik She lived in a black and white world. She liked her world, but she was an artist and wondered if there was more. Kisik had an idea. What if she drew a portal? Could she see what was beyond her world? Kisik couldn’t believe her eyes. There was colour everywhere. Flowers, trees, sky. Wow. Everything was so beautiful, but how? How could Kisik make colours like that in her world? Kisik asked the elder what she was doing. I’m gathering plants for my art, she answered. Kisik was ecstatic. Another artist, yay! The elder kindly told Kisik painters use minerals for their paints and many colours are used for special cultural practices. Kisik was amazed at all this knowledge. She couldn’t wait to get home. Wow. Kisik’s world was never the same again. She learned about earth science and the beauty of color.