Kayla and Indigenous Technology Music Video

Animator: Tim Linklater
Kayla makes a song about all the incredible innovations Indigenous people have given the world.

We got corn, potatoes, tomatoes and squash, our farmers planted them and made them good food. Aspirin, abstract, art, and amasthetics, aqueducts, avocado and bunk beds and beans, colanders, and canals and chocolate, chewy gum and universal education for everyone. Scientific drum solo please. There’s more. Canoes, canoes, so many canoes, dancing cranberries and electric plated technology. Say what? It’s about (unclear) and chemistry and the (unclear) used electricity derived from chemicals to (unclear) copper with a thin outer layer of gold. Wow. Government and granaries, where we store the food. Harpoons and hammocks, mathematics and moccasins and parkas, peanuts and patchouli, yes. We made peanut butter and we used oil from the earth before there were cars.