Jory Rocks

Animator: Rhidian Gatrill
Jory the lava rock meets up with his old friend Slate and finds that she has changed a lot in the past a couple of million years!

NARRATION: This is a story about a rock, a lava rock. He lived for many years at the beach, enjoying the sun and the ocean until one day his life changed forever.

ROCK: Whoa, thanks a lot sea lion. I was enjoying sitting there the last 2 million years.

SEA LION: Ar, ar, you’re welcome. About time you saw the world!

NARRATION: It wasn’t long before a kid named Jesse saw Jory shining in the sun.

JESSE: Look, dad, a lava rock!

NARRATION: Jory found himself on an adventure going somewhere he’d never been before.

ROCK: Slate?

SLATE: Jory.

ROCK: My old friend.

SLATE: It’s been millions of years.

ROCK: The last time I saw you, you were a mud bed, and look at you now. You’re slate. A fine grained foliated metamorphic rock that is created by the alteration of shale or mud stone by low grade regional metamorphism.

SLATE: You were some bubbling lava, now here you are volcanic rock, a rock formed from magma that erupted from a volcano.

ROCK: Is that turquoise next to you?

SLATE: You mean the opaque mineral that occurs in beautiful hues of blue, blue green, and yellow green? Chemically turquoise is a hydrosphosphate of copper and aluminum.

ROCK: Yeah, the Denne have many stories about turquoise.

SLATE: You, you talking about me? I’m fallen sky stone.

NARRATION: So our two old, old, old friends and their new friends spent the next many years sharing many stories about rocks and minerals.