Dream Catcher

Inspired by Spider, who taught us weaving, Kai’s mom tries her hand at making a dreamcatcher by following a simple pattern.

KAI: I like to make things and learn about things in my own way. I’m Kai and I’m a hacker.

KAI: Today, my mom is gonna show you how to make your very own dream catcher. Dream catchers have become very popular. Everyone wants to have good dreams. To make our dream catcher, you’ll need bendable sticks or some kind of hoop for your circle. My mom is using a cedar twig because they are so easy to bend, some kind of string or yarn, an elastic band, scissors, and feathers. First we make the circle which some people say represents the sun. Then you cut a piece of string about 4 feet long. Tie the string to the top. Leave some length for a loop. Now you wrap the string around the circle and loop it back through the hole you just made and just keep repeating the pattern around the whole circle.

KAI: When you reach the top again, you move on to the inner circle of string and do the same pattern. Wrap it around the string and then back through the hole you’ve just made. Continue this pattern until you reach the centre when there’s no more room. Leave a small circle in the middle for good dreams to get through. If you have extra thread, you can use this to hang your feathers. And there you have it! Sweet dreams.