DJ Salmon

Animator: Tim Linklater
DJ Salmon broke his DJ deck and has a tricky time fixing it. Even the Doop can’t fix it! But DJ Salmon has a plan! Written by An’ostin, one of our Science Questers.

NARRATION: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but just a heads up, this is not Star Wars, lived DJ Salmon and his two buddies in Austin Salmon and George Salmon. They lived on Braveria (SP) a snowy planet and were moving to Gamma Blorth (SP), a hot and sandy planet. DJ Salmon remembered to pack his DJ deck and with a swoosh, they were off to the new planet in the rickety but high tech magical pick up truck, AKA their transporter. Wow, what a planet! The salmon buddies were impressed. On this planet, they could even live on the land.

NARRATION: The buddies had lots of unpacking to do, and after a long day of working, they all went to sleep. In the morning, DJ Salmon went straight to his DJ deck. O M G, it was smashed to smithereens! What a disaster! DJ Salmon did his best to fix it, but no deal. Someone told them there was this handyman called Jeff, so they called him. Jeff was a kind and thoughtful man. When Jeff arrived, he took one look at the DJ deck and knew he couldn’t fix it. Jeff said they’d have to call the dupe. The dupe is a handy, handy man man, he’s never not been able to not fix something in his entire life. He said he’d be right over. A millisecond later, the dupe arrived, and even he could not fix it. He said that if he has ever not fixed something, he’d have to quit. Dun dun dun.

NARRATION: That day, the dupe quit the handyman business. DJ Salmon was sad, so sad he even cried all night, but he didn’t lose hope. He just needed a plan. In the morning, DJ Salmon got up and told his buddies I’ve got a plan. I’m going to get a new DJ deck and become famous and Austin and George were like cool! DJ Salmon found the best music street on the planet with the best music store with instruments from around the galaxy. He knew he could find a deck and make some music with his new state of the art highest tech deck in the universe, he went home to the music mansion and made a song called It Happened On a Big Bed and he became a trillionaire, but he didn’t care about the money, it was all for the music.