Cosmic Surfers

Animator: Tim Linklater
Mike the Cosmic Surfer really wants to see the universe and visit his cosmic relatives. He manages to travel at the speed of light, but he’s in for a big surprise when he comes back!

Cosmic Surfer Girl: Hey little brother! I’ll race you!

Cosmic Surfer Boy: You can try to keep up!

CSG/CSB: Wohohoho cool! / Awesome!

CSB: Well I guess it’s time to head on my trek of the universe!

CSG: Bye bro! Hurry back!

CGB: See you in a year!

CGB: 6 months away from home, visiting my cosmic relatives, holding steady at 99% of light speed, time to head back!

CSG: My bro ought to be on his way back by now, he’s in for a big surprise!

CSB: Whoa is that your car?? Sis? What’s with?? You look older!

CSG: You know bro you left a year ago from your time, but I stayed here and 10 years went by thanks to the dilation of time at near light speeds!

CSB: Hmm time what?

CSG: Time dilation! Predicted by Einstein’s relativity theory, the faster someone travels the slower time runs for them, but not for everybody else.

CSB: You’re making my head hurt, can I get a ride home big sister?

CSG: Sure little brother, my turn next! I wonder how eagle nebula looks this time of year?