nilhyuxw almutst kwthu show thu suleluxw xutustum collaborators ‘i’ adviors. stli’ tst kwus almutst kwthu stuliqulh! nilh thu snuwuyulh u kwthu xwulmuxw tuni ukw coyote science. hakwush kwthu xwunitumqun.

  1. We seek to strengthen Indigenous ways of knowing, education and research.
  2. We respect Indigenous spiritual beliefs, culture and languages.
  3. We work to promote the well-being and education of Indigenous children and youth.
  4. We seek to protect and advocate Indigenous cultural and intellectual property and promote the advancement of traditional Indigenous knowledge.
  5. To be respectful and cognizant that Indigenous knowledge is tied to “Place” and cultural specificity and histories.
  6. We work to help Indigenous families, communities and Nations to develop meaningful Indigenous science education.
  7. We acknowledge that there are many Indigenous Nations, languages, ways of living and knowledge systems, and each are distinct and sovereign.
  8. Celebrate Aboriginal science as a viable field of study that has a place in the contemporary practice of science, engineering and mathematics.
  9. Introduce Aboriginal youth to scientists in their community who can inspire them, encourage a love of the sciences, and teach them to appreciate indigenous world views and approaches.